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Construction Site Security: How to Protect Your Work Area

Construction site security is crucial for the successful completion of any project. Your jobsite contains millions of dollars worth of equipment, materials, and supplies. Theft from these areas account for up to $1 billion a year in losses to contractors and other companies. The key to preventing this theft is increasing jobsite security and making it more difficult for would be criminals to gain access to your work area.

Complete a risk assessment

The first step towards increasing jobsite security is conducting a comprehensive risk assessment and recognizing where your site is vulnerable. This assessment should evaluate potential risks, such as its location, crime rates in the area, and the total value of the materials and machines on-site. After completing your assessment and identifying problem areas, you can better plan security and protect your assets.

Keep your jobsite well lit

At night when your construction site is empty, one of the best deterrents is a bright, lit up area. Most thieves want to remain unseen and won’t know if you have security on the site or not. By lighting up the area, it increases the risk that they will be noticed, and they are more likely to stay away and go after an easier, less illuminated target.

Erect physical barriers

Barriers like fencing, walls, and gates, can significantly deter unauthorized personnel from entering your work area and go a long way towards increasing construction site security. A fence with locking gates can limit access to only authorized personnel, while concrete barriers can prevent vehicles from ramming into your site.

Install a surveillance system

Video surveillance is one of the most effective construction site security measures that you can implement. These systems will monitor your work area 24/7, alert security personnel to any intruders or suspicious activities, and provide evidence of any theft or vandalism that does occur. We recommend using portable surveillance systems as a more cost effective option, because you can easily move them from jobsite to jobsite without having to install a permanent system each time. Make sure you post signs around your work area stating that it is under video surveillance.

Implement alarm systems

Alarm systems will alert security personnel of any intrusions and are another key part of construction site security. A loud siren and flashing lights can help deter trespassers and immediately notify on-site personnel of the security breach. Similar to surveillance systems, you can also utilize portable alarm systems that you can take with you from project to project.

Train your crew

All of your team members should be adequately trained in recognizing potential risks, knowing what suspicious activity looks like, and understanding proper security procedures. Regular training will help your crew report and prevent any jobsite security issues.

If you have any questions about construction site security or preventing equipment theft, contact our team today!