Machine Winterization

Avoid damage during cold weather operation or storage

  • Complete inspection by trained, certified technicians
  • Oil and lubrication services
  • Freeze protection testing
  • And more!

Cold weather can wreak havoc on even the most well maintained equipment. Identify potential problems and avoid winter downtime with Miller Bradford's winterization package. Trained, certified technicians will conduct an exhaustive inspection on your machine to determine problem areas and prevent weather related breakdowns. Whether your equipment will be working or in storage, winterization is vital to ensure productive operation when it counts.

Winterization Includes

  • Change engine oil and fuel filters
  • Lube chassis
  • Load test battery and test alternator
  • Check and adjust drive chains
  • Pressure check cooling system and test freeze protection
  • Check door, window, heater, and seat operation
  • Perform coolant test to determine freeze point
  • Check for water: chain tanks, final drives, swing gear baths and gear boxes
  • Recommend proper fuel conditioner additive for winter
  • Check fuel filter for service
  • Verify proper operation of cold start aids
  • Assess condition of block heater
  • Inspect lights and wipers
  • Check battery
  • Examine heater hoses, heater core and defrosters
  • Recommend proper grade lubricants for winter
  • Inspect cutting edges
  • Check tension and belt wear
  • Inspect air pre-cleaners to prevent clogging from snow
  • Test backup alarms

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